ZONE 1: This space is one of the first
exhibits your guests will see. A large
model of the earth spins above as our
liquid galaxy display explores
the worlds many reefs.

ZONE 2: This space allows guests to be
surrounded by wildlife. Your guests will
be delighted to take a photo in our
cylinder tanks as fish surround them.

ZONE 3: Our largest open space, this
area houses most of our hands-on
activities with the animals. Pet a
stingray at Stingray Bay, touch a Sea
Star, or learn about our animals in the
education theater.

ZONE 4: This space offers a variety of
ocean animals from our Japanese
spider crabs to our leopard sharks, your
guests will love the atmosphere of this
more intimate open area.

Education Theater: Our education theater can be used to both have presentations as well as hold your catering service.

Example Setups

Valentines Day: This more intimate
setup had tables in front of each exhibit.
As you can see, the tables extended
outside of the areas we usually have
events & vendors.

Vendor Show: This is an example of a
vendor show set up we had during our
“Kids Day.” We limited vendors to allow
for more foot traffic.