Sleepovers at VIA AQUARIUM


$ 55
  • Per Guest


$ 40
  • Per Guest


$ 30
  • Per Guest


  • Per Guest

SLEEP OVERS: 7pm - 7am

After a fun filled night including a guided tour, and crafts. See the aquarium in a whole new prospective as the lights turn down. Price includes a dinner consisting of cheese or pepperoni pizza and fries as well as breakfast with bagels, muffins and fruit. Drinks are included wit the price and include soda & juice for dinner. While juice, milk, & KCup Coffees available for breakfast.

Please note that you must reserve your trip. Scroll down for more information. You must also meet the minimum Chaperone/Child ratio.

Required Chaperone Ratio

0 – 12
1 adult per 5 children
13 – 17
1 adult per 10 children
Special needs           1 adult per 5 children

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. We take the safety of our guests and animals seriously, to ensure the best experience ,  we require all groups to meet the minimum chaperone – child ratio. Additionally, groups over 125 children must be split into multiple groups.

Contact Us to Reserve

We will do our best to accommodate group size and desired time.


We are located within the Via Port Rotterdam mall (formally Rotterdam Square Mall), with plenty of available parking for buses and cars. The side entrance to the aquarium from the parking lot is available for loading and unloading of buses.

Our admissions desk is located inside the mall across from Via Entertainment, you can come here from any available entrance.

To find our Group Entrance look for our aquarium mural on the outside of the mall. On the right side there is a Via Aquarium sign entry that goes into a long painted hallway. Walk down the hall and you’ll see a set of double doors on the left, that is our Group Entrance. Once admitted by the aquarium Group Coordinator, we will have a brief orientation. Please hold on to the tickets and/or receipts provided to you. To expedite the check-in process, please know the headcount of all of your students, and adults, and payment type (please have payment in one lump sum. At this time, we cannot accept purchase orders.) Please confirm details with the group coordinator at least 48 hours before your scheduled trip.

Payments and Requirements

One payment method for the full group must be made at or before the time of arrival. Please have one single payment; cash, check or credit card. Individual payments will not be accepted. We cannot accept purchase orders but we can provide an invoice/bill of sale if needed.

• Cash, Check, or Credit Card payments are welcome. Make checks payable to Via Aquarium & place the date of your event into the “Notes/Memo” line of your check.

• If you have a Tax Exempt Form you may E-mail a copy of the form, or bring a copy the day of your field trip.

• If you are going to pay using a check, it is preferred that you pay at least 5 days in advance. Otherwise, bring the check on the day of the trip.