Behind the Scenes


Explore The Unseen Mysteries of VIA Aquarium


Join VIA staff on an unforgettable journey into the exclusive behind-the-scenes areas here at VIA Aquarium!

This unique experience will focus on the equipment and methods we use to keep our fishy friends happy and healthy in their VIA homes. Appropriate for all ages, our behind-the-scenes tours focus primarily on the basics and the scale of our tanks and filtration systems, while still including more advanced information about their function for our adult guests.

Have you ever wondered how we store enough water to change our tanks, how we test our water and treat sick fish, or even what we feed our animals? All those questions (and more!) will be answered in this fascinating look into the everyday lives of our staff and our finned residents here at VIA Aquarium.

Due to tour routes changing daily, tour length varies between 30-45 minutes, with additional time for questions at the conclusion of the tour.

Behind the Scenes Tours at the VIA Aquarium facility are not wheelchair-accessible and may involve walking in areas containing hazardous conditions including, but not limited to: standing water, slippery surfaces, active maintenance, obstructed walkways, tripping hazards, potholes, toxic chemicals, sharp objects, and hot surfaces.