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Welcome to the 2016–2017 School Year!

A visit to the Aquarium is your students’ passport to discovering the world’s aquatic biodiversity. With thousands of creatures on display, a visit to Via Aquarium will engage your students’ senses. In addition to the spectacular view from the underwater tunnel, children can get involved at the interactive touch tank or our augmented reality sandbox. With so much to see and experience, you will take learning beyond the classroom and into a new underwater world. All programs support the NGSS and NYS Curriculum. Our website has downloadable teacher booklets with classroom activities to help prepare your students for the program and facilitate discussion following your visit.

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Activities and Scavenger Hunts
Via Aquarium offers online resources for you and your students. On our website, you can find grade-specific worksheets and a scavenger hunt under the Schools & Groups tab. We also have Activity Passports available for purchase at the aquarium. If your group would like Activity Passports, please let our group coordinator know at the time of booking.

School Programs (optional)
Via Aquarium offers a variety of on-site programs to complement and enhance your school’s visit. All programs follow NYSSLS and Next Generation Science Standards. Programs can accommodate up to 25 students. Groups choosing to split into smaller classes must do so before arrival.  Please let our group coordinator know at the time of booking if you would like to add on a program. These programs can be added for an additional cost.

Interactive Exhibits
There are a variety of interactive exhibits at Via Aquarium! We are proud to offer hands-on learning for any age. There are interactive games, an augmented reality sandbox, and our touch tanks, where students are able to touch and learn about some of our ocean’s animals. There are educators stationed at each of the touch tanks to assist your group with learning.

Aquarium Science Programs

Earth Sciences

Ocean Habitats
Geared more towards Kindergarten -2nd grade, this interactive program helps students understand different ocean habitats and which animals inhabit them.

Get Carried Away
Students will conduct an experiment to see how streams and rivers form and how the landforms we see around us resulted from processes that make up the water cycle.

Wetland Exploration
Students will learn about the distinguishing features of wetlands. Students will discover how important these ecosystems are by experimenting with wetland models.

Biological Sciences

What’s for Lunch?
A look at the food web. Students will dissect a jello stomach, and examine the contents to determine the animal and where it fits into a food web.

Students will learn what makes a fish a fish. Students will design their own fish and determine how their fish fits in the ecosystem.

Chemical Sciences

Clean-Up on Aisle Ocean!
Students will explore the chemical properties of oil that make it harmful for marine animals, and so difficult to clean up! Students will form their own spill response teams, and investigate which tools can most effectively and efficiently clean up oil from different habitats.

What’s in the Rain?
Students will learn the basics of acid/base chemistry and will test the acidities of a variety of household liquids. Students will then learn about the causes and impacts of acid rain on waterways, wildlife, forests, and soils through games and hands-on experiments.

Physical Sciences

Where Does Water Come From?
Students will explore the water cycle, and find out how we get water from the ground.

Go With the Flow
Students will get a hands-on look at the tide cycles. Discussion will include how tides flow and the ecological importance of tides.


Our educator-led programs are approximately 45-60 minutes long and can accommodate students divided into groups of 25.

Grades K-2

Download Grades K-2 Worksheet

Grades 3-5

Download Grades 3-5 Worksheet

Grades 6-8

Download Grades 6-8 Worksheet

Grades 9-12

Download Grades 9-12 Worksheet