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Homeschool Enrichment & Learning Programs

Let Via Aquarium be your science resource. This monthly program, for students 6-12 and 13-18, covers a variety of topics from physical science to life science and all the fun, messy science in-between. Come ready to explore hands-on science and learn with other homeschooling families.

Space is limited to 20 children per session, and pre-reservations are required.

Each month will cover a different branch of science (including Earth, Life, Chemical, and Physical sciences), with hands-on educator-led lessons meant to stimulate your child’s curiosity and broaden their knowledge of the watery world around us.

Dates & Topics 

January 10- Sustainable Seafood

Students will learn what it means to be sustainable and how to make choices that will help keep our oceans healthy!

February 14- Invasive species

Some species do not belong in a certain area! Students will learn the difference between native species and invasive species, and how they impact the environment.

March 14- Bioluminescence

Some animals can produce light within their bodies! This program highlights what makes these animals so unique and how this may be an advantageous characteristic.

April 11- Water properties & Waves

What makes water so unique? Where do waves come from? Students will explore the properties of water and learn how the ocean can be a dynamic environment.

May 9- Wetlands & Estuaries

Students will explore the distinguishing features of wetlands and learn why these ecosystems are so important through hands on models.

Class Schedules & Ages (Applies to all homeschool classes)

1PM-2PM: Ages: 6-12yr
2-3PM: Ages: 13-18yr $5-$10

**We are accepting reservations for any of these dates, but we have a firm limit of 20 children (# of parents/family doesn’t matter). To reserve Email You can also book your spot through our online calendar by clicking Register Today button and selecting your desired date.

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