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Homeschool Enrichment & Learning Programs

Let Via Aquarium be your science resource. This monthly program, for students 6-12 and 13-18, covers a variety of topics from physical science to life science and all the fun, messy science in-between. Come ready to explore hands-on science and learn with other homeschooling families.

Space is limited to 20 children per session, and pre-reservations are required.

Each month will cover a different branch of science (including Earth, Life, Chemical, and Physical sciences), with hands-on educator-led lessons meant to stimulate your child’s curiosity and broaden their knowledge of the watery world around us.

Description of our programs:

Streams and Erosion: Students will learn about the process of erosion, and how water interacts with soil to create and shape waterways over time. Students will explore how different landscape react to erosion through precipitation.

Marine Food Webs: Students will learn about different animal diets–from herbivory to carnivory– and how each animal plays a crucial role in a food web. Students will dissect a gelatin “stomach” to identify an animal by its diet.

Oil Spill Clean-up: Students will learn about the chemical properties of oil, and how oil spills negatively impact ocean life. Students will re-create their own oil spill and work together to figure out the best methods to clean it up.

Water Cycle: Students will learn about the steps of the water cycle: where our water comes from and where it goes. There will be a focus on the unseen, lesser-known steps of the cycle, especially how groundwater plays a crucial role in supplying fresh drinking water to our communities.

Dates & Topics

March 22 (for ages 13-18): Life Science — Marine Food Webs
April 12 (ages 6-12): Chemistry– Oil spill clean-up
April 26 (ages 13-18): Chemistry– Oil spill clean-up
May 10 (ages 6-12): Physical Science– Water Cycle
May 24 (ages 13-18): Physical Science– Water Cycle

Come ready to explore hands-on science and learn with other homeschooling families.

**We are accepting reservations for any of these dates, but we have a firm limit of 20 children (# of parents/family doesn’t matter). Parents can reserve their spot by calling us at 518-280-5100 ext 101 or emailing