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Planning Your Field Trip

Let Via Aquarium serve as an extension of your classroom with world class exhibits and NGSS standards-based educational opportunities.

Before you visit:

If you would like to make a reservation, please do so at least two weeks in advance by contacting our group sales coordinators at, 518-280-5100 ext. 101, or by filling out a field trip inquiry form on our website.


  • Name, phone number, and email address of the teacher or group leader coming on the day of your visit
  • Grade levels or ages of your group
  • Number of students, chaperones, and extra adults who may attend
  • Program you may add on
  • Payment method: We accept cash, any major credit or debit cards, check (We cannot accept purchase orders at this time)
    • If you are going to pay using a check, it is preferred that you bring the check on the day of the trip, however if you must mail the check, please ask for the correct mailing address for payment.
  • If you are tax exempt, please let our group coordinator know and email or bring in a tax exempt form

Review the our School Group Behavioral Contract with your students and chaperones prior to your visit to Via Aquarium.

School Group Behavior Contract

One payment method for the full group must be made at the time of arrival. Please have one single payment; cash, check or credit card. Please not individually. We cannot accept purchase orders. Please make checks payable to Via Aquarium. We can provide a Bill of Sale/Invoice ahead of time for those that require it.

  • Your immersive educational field trip is $10 plus tax per student, and allows you to choose one of our educational programs that fits the needs of your group best (a full list of our programs can be found HERE)
  • Teachers are free with a Teacher’s staff ID/Badge, chaperones/adults are $10 plus tax.
  • If you have a Tax Exempt Form you may E-mail a copy of the form, or bring a copy the day of your field trip.
  • Anyone who already have season passes with the Aquarium would be exempt from the $8 but if you choose a program, season pass holders will just pay the $2 fee.
  • If you would like to opt out of this educational experience, our basic field trip is $8 plus tax per student, and allows students to self-explore the aquarium.
During Your Visit:

Please arrive on time for your scheduled field trip. Groups will meet our Group Coordinator at the group entrance, which are the double doors located in the entrance hallway. To expedite the check-in process, please know the headcount of all of your students, and adults, and payment type (please have payment in one lump sum. At this time, we cannot accept purchase orders.) Please confirm details with the group coordinator at least 48 hours before your scheduled trip.

If you are going to be late, please call our group coordinator at 518-280-5100 ext. 101 before your scheduled entry time. If you are participating in an educational program during your trip and arrive more than 15 minutes late without contact, your program may be abbreviated or canceled.

If your school is closed or delayed because of inclement weather, please call the group coordinator as soon as possible. Please leave a message with name, school name, and phone number. We will make every effort to reschedule your visit.

Lunch: Via Aquarium offers bins to store personal belongings and lunches in for your group. If you choose to bring lunches, there are patio tables just outside of our General Admission that your group is welcome to use. ViaPort Rotterdam also offers a food court with a variety of food to choose from.

Chaperone Info:

Chaperones play a vital role in making your trip a success! It is important that chaperones stay with their groups at all times when touring the aquarium. If a group is disrupting other guests, the school and teacher will be notified and the group may be asked to leave.

You are responsible for your group’s behavior
1. For the safety of our animals, drinks, food, gum, and balloons are NOT allowed in the Aquarium.
2. Please be respectful of other guests at the Aquarium- use walking feet, and inside voices!
3. Outside food cannot be eaten in the Aquarium
4. Be sure you know where and when to meet the rest of your group at the end of your visit
5. In case of emergencies, lost students, or medical situations, be sure you know how to contact your group leader and your group leader knows how to contact you.
6. Chaperones must stay with their students at all times
7. Chaperones are responsible for student behavior in all areas of Via Aquarium, including the gift shop
8. Undisciplined or unchaperoned groups will be asked to leave the Aquarium

Required Chaperone Ratio

Grades Ratio
Pre K, K-5 1 adult per 5 students
6-12 1 adult per 10 students
Special needs 1 adult per 5 students


2016-2017 School Year Admission Fees

$8 for adults | $8 for students in pre-K to 12th grade

To qualify for School Group prices and programs, the group must be from a public, private or homeschool and consist of a minimum of 15 total attendees, and maximum of 70 total from grades pre-K – 12.

Please allow 7 to 10 business days for a response and keep in mind that we do require a minimum of 2 weeks notice prior to your visit in order to properly plan your trip.