Exploration Donation Request

Our Exploration Donation Program is a way for local organizations and sports teams to fund raise. With an unlimited amount of invitations, your non-profit organization can explore the aquarium and VIA will donate 15% of the sales back to your cause. Schedule your date and time then; you’re the captain!

• Fill out the Exploration Donation Request Form and submit digitally or in person to an aquarium supervisor. You will be contacted as soon as possible to schedule a date and time for your fundraising event.

• The fundraising program is offered in 3 hour windows, usually running from 4-7pm weekdays and Saturday. Please allow at least two week’s advance notice of an event date request. Dates are subject to availability. Please note: Admissions will still close 1 hour before the Aquarium, but guests can still make purchases from the Gift Shop that will be included in the 15% donation.

• An electronic coupon will be sent to you to distribute to friends, family, and community members. You can reproduce and cut as many copies as needed.

• Your organization and its supporters will promote the event throughout the community and pass the invitations to as many people as possible. Please note: soliciting to guests in or around the aquarium premises during the event is prohibited. VIA Aquarium cannot help in the promotion or invitation distribution for your event.

Photo of Nurse Shark at VIA Aquarium by Robert Newhook
Anemonise and Skunk Clownfish at VIA Aquarium by Robert Newhook

• On the event date chosen, your invited guests will explore our exhibits, programs, and unique atmosphere while generating funds for your group.

• Your guests will present their personal invitation to the Admissions Clerk or Gift Shop Cashier before paying. VIA Aquarium will donate 15% of the invitation holder’s admissions, including yearly membership purchases/renewals, and/or Gift Shop purchases, excluding Gift Certificates, online sales, and tax. Please Note: discounted, Senior, Military, Teacher, College Student, etc. Tickets will not be included in the 15% donations.

• An organization representative will need to be available at the end of the event to fill out an Exploration Donation Completion form. A check will be sent via mail from our corporate office to your organization within 2-4 weeks of the event date.

Please allow up to 5 business days for a response and keep in mind that we do require a minimum of 2 weeks notice prior to your visit in order to properly plan your trip.
For those looking to rent our space for a private event, please see ‘Reserve our Space’ page.

Thank you for considering VIA Aquarium to help with your fundraising needs and we
look forward to having you and your guests explore with us!