Aquatic Birthday Parties

Spend your birthday surrounded by animals from the depths of the ocean, to the Amazon river, and even some friends from the waterways in your own backyard! Let our event planners do the work for you so you and your birthday star can just enjoy the day.

All prices based on 10 children; adults and extra children added at additional cost. 

All Packages Include

10 Children With:

Personal Party Host
1.5 Hours In Party Room

2 slices of pizza per child Soda/Juice For Children Coffee/Tea For Adults

Digital Party Invitations
Birthday Party Parade



2 Adult Tickets

Solid Color Décor

Additional Persons
$20 Per Child    |   $15 Per Adult



2 Adult Tickets

General Aquatic Themed Décor

Goodie Bags (One Per Child)

Additional Persons
$30 Per Child    |   $15 Per Adult



2 Adult Tickets
+ 1 Adult Ticket Per Child

+ Extra Pizza for Adults (2 slices/adult)

Premium Licensed Décor

Goodie Bags For Children

Souvenir Shirt for Children

Additional Persons
$50 Per Child    |   $15 Per Adult

Plus Themes

Premium Themes

For question not answered here please call our Birthday Host at 518-280-5100 x107