93 West Campbell Rd. Schenectady NY 12306

Calendar of Events

Feb 17th - 25th - WINTER BREAK

Winter break is from Feb 17th – 25th. Every day during this span, we will be opening early at 10 AM. We will also be open on Presidents Day. We’ll see you there. Let’s have a great Winter Break!

Saturday, Feb 24th - Snortford's Birthday

Snortford’s birthday is right around the corner, on Saturday, February 24th!

Join us to sing him happy birthday and present him with a birthday cake. The “cake” will likely be made of tomatoes…he really loves them!

We will also be holding a turtle touch tank that day, with a couple of Snortford’s friends. The touch tank will be held from 12:30pm to 2:30pm, where you’ll get to meet and learn about turtles and tortoises.

Let’s make this Snortford’s best birthday yet! This will be his first real birthday party!

Saturday, March 2nd - Pokemon Day

Join us for Pokémon at Via Aquarium. And yes, you guessed it, water Pokémon will be the main attraction!
A lot of Pokémon are based on real animals. We have quite a few of these animals here at the aquarium. Join us for a scavenger hunt and see if you can catch them all!
Water-type Pokemon cards will be given away in the giftshop while supplies last.
Also if you play Pokemon Go, a gym and some Poke stops are located here at and near the aquarium.

Saturday, March 9th - Pet Adoption Clinic

Are you looking to adopt the newest member of your family?

On Saturday, March 9th, we’ll be hosting two adoption clinics with animals looking for their forever homes! The Animal Protective Foundation of Schenectady will be back for their 2nd Annual Adoption Clinic at Via Aquarium from 11:00am-3:00pm with their adoptable cats, who will be ready to go home with you that day! Be ready to fall in love with their adorable faces!

If you are looking for an exotic pet, Rhonda’s Reptiles will be at Via Discovery from 11:00am-3:00pm, with rescues that have also been looking for their new homes as well. Rhonda never says no to an animal in need, from hedgehogs to snakes, from lizards to turtles, Rhonda has been rescuing animals for many years. 

If you’re ready for your newest family member, visit Via Aquarium or Via Discovery (just down the hall) on March 9th. General admission tickets are required to enter the adoption clinics. Animals can go home with you that day.